About me

I am an Associate Professor in the Engineering & Technology Department at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. I also act as the Program Director for the BS Mechanical Engineering degree program here at UW-Stout. This means that I am responsible the day-to-day operations of the program, recruiting, assessment, and answering student questions. I primarily teach in the area of mechanics but also teach capstone courses and various other things. My research interests are in the fields of engineering education, bio-inspired design, and medical devices.

This site

This collection of pages headquartered at notebook.devinberg.com is intended to serve as a notebook to collect both personal and professional notes. I include here any research outputs posted when available. This could include data, figures, drawing, notes, links to resources, how-to’s, etc. For me it will likely be more weighted towards drawings, figures, and some data since my field is engineering (specifically engineering design). There are of course instances where this will not be possible such as work that involves information about my students or other confidential information for which I am not the only stakeholder. I will also use this space for general notetaking that may not be of interest to anyone besides myself.

This site is powered by the blogging platform Jekyll and is hosted on GitHub Pages. The content is written in Markdown from which static HTML files are generated by Jekyll. Both the source code and the output is hosted on GitHub and then mirrored on this site. This provides both ease of updating the content as well as a time stamp and revision tracking for all things posted here.